6 reasons to choose a Responsive website template!

Updated: May 5

Billions of years ago in Internet Years, 2010 to be precise, Ethan Marcotte published an article calling on web developers to use what he called Responsive Web Design.

The idea was a simple one: that a web page should render itself nicely in response to the device on which it is displayed. This includes a multitude of screen sizes and minimum and maximum display size.

Simple, right?

Well, not really. Not back in the post-modernist days of the Internet! In fact it was exceedingly difficult.

In this post we take a look at the 6 reasons why you should choose a Responsive website template.

What was Marcotte calling for?

Marcotte spoke of a buildings foundation defining its footprint, which in turn defines its frame, which shapes the facade. Each phase of the process being more immutable and unchangeable than the last. Creative decisions quite simply shaped the digital space!

He determines however that the web is a wholly different matter, being both short-term and transient:

The English architect Christopher Wren once quipped that his chosen field “aims for Eternity,” and there’s something appealing about that formula: Unlike the web, which often feels like aiming for next week, architecture is a discipline very much defined by its permanence.

It is at the junction of Desktop meets Mobile that two worlds begin to collide! Marcotte talks of clients requesting an iPhone website; an iPad website, and, wait, a desktop one too!

As Marcotte says, at some point it starts to feel like a zero sum game.

So what was needed?

I'll leave you to read the detail for yourself - but needless to say a flexible solution that would port itself and respond to the device upon which it is accessed.

Responsive web design was born!

Fast forward 2021!

Light years into the future and here we are in 2021! Responsive website design has gone mainstream and the expectation is that one size really doesn't fit all!

Fortunately, for us mortal souls, there are a range of options available on the market; with numerous responsive templates available for web development platforms such as WordPress.


Our tip for a fully responsive template used by the likes of isitwp and colorlib, is cyberchimps. Cyberchimps provides the perfect responsive theme to create a website you love and is used by beginners, pros, and agencies alike.

6 reasons to choose a Responsive website template

Here are the 6 main reasons to choose a Responsive website template:

  1. You only need one set of content on your site: with a responsive design you only need one set of content across your site, saving you endless time and money

  2. You only need one website: with responsive you create and maintain a single site that covers all devices

  3. Maintain your SEO across multiple URLs: if your site is split across different URLs maintained for each platform you run the risk of diluting your SEO

  4. Stop following the latest device trends: you don't care - you're responsive so bring it on!

  5. Increased traffic and lower bounce rates from mobile users: with the latest trends indicating that some 70% of traffic comes from mobile devices, it pays to be mobile first!

  6. Lower overall cost of ownership: lower maintenance costs inevitably mean lower costs of ownership. Everyone likes to save money, right?

The list of advantages for a responsive website is impressive, but there are some cons to be aware of.

Not all website elements may display well across all devices all of the time. There will undoubtedly be some compromise. The design as a whole may also be restricted, as the user experience would essentially be limited to a single user journey.

That said, the benefits far out way the cons for most, and the decision may come down to a question of resources. Whether you have the capacity, time and money to maintain multiple sites, for what may be a relatively small advantage.

Summing Up

Having a responsive website can save you lots of money.

The decision for most is invariably a natural one, and assuming you don't have very specific requirements for each device platform, and you're happy to have the same great user experience on both, responsive is for you!

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