Fashion in focus: a look at clothing brand names

Fashion is an enabler in life and has the propensity to bring different people together. It also celebrates individuality and self-expression and promotes creativity.

As Edith Head once remarked:

You can have anything you want in life if you dress for it.

That is certainly a great mentality to bring to your new start-up business venture. Perhaps you are the next Chanel in waiting, or maybe you have the best idea since flared trousers.

Either way, you need a unique and trendy name for your fashion clothing brand or boutique.

The fashion world is certainly competitive and it is important to stand out from the crowd. If you are prepared for the challenge and ready to face a few bumps along the road, then we are here to help get you started!

In this post, we look at clothing brand names and some of the branding options we have here at DomainQuick.

We’ll also consider:

  • Why fashion matters in today’s world more than ever

  • What is distinctive about a fashion brand as opposed to other brands

  • The 4 types of fashion and clothing brand names

  • The importance of reaching your target audience

Let’s get started.

Why fashion matters in today's world more than ever

Throughout the ages, fashion has rightly been an important part of society. The truth is that fashion has always mattered. Since the first primitive human put a loincloth around his waist, people have used fashion as a means of expressing their identity.

Fast forward to today's developed world and fashion is more important than ever.

We are constantly bombarded with images of perfection of well-dressed men and woman. The expectation is there, rightly or wrongly, that we should all look great all of the time.

Whatever your view on the relative importance of fashion: it does matter to many.

This presents great opportunities globally for those wishing to start a business venture in fashion or related industries.

What is distinctive about a fashion brand as opposed to other brands

Fashion brands are distinctive from other brands in a number of ways. Perhaps foremost because of what they represent. To many, the clothes they wear are at the forefront of a public image. An image that helps define them and is an expression of their personality.

To this end, fashion brands are highly personally. They have a direct connection to the individual.

How does this translate to the brand?

As we will see there are four principal types of fashion or clothing brand names. They all have one thing in common, however.

They are personal.

A brand should reach out and identify with its indented audience. Understanding your target market and the different types of brands will help you decide on a business name.

The 4 types of fashion and clothing brand names

When trying to find a name for your clothing or fashion brand it is important to be aware of the different types of clothing brand names. This will help you to understand your own brand proposition and target the correct segment of the market.

Knowing who you are and aligning your brand with your strategic plan and target audience is vitally important.

  1. In the moment, trendy Names: fashion is by virtue about setting trends: some last for generations and others do not last a season. Trendy names are a great fit for those wishing to capitalize on the latest trends. They foster a brand which remains current and one step ahead of the competition.

  2. Sophisticated Names: some brands have that definitive air about them and are often emulated. Choosing a sophisticated and classy brand name is a great way to forge a timeless business that rides out the latest trends and is able to stay relevant. Very strong brand identity is often associated with this type of brand name.

  3. Creative Names: this type of name helps foster identity and often falls into the realms of brandables – they do not necessarily have any comprehensive meaning within the business domain. They allow, however, the business to stand out from the crowd any really grab a customers’ attention.

  4. Emotional names: used as a tool by advertisers globally, if you can connect with your target audience on an emotional level you stand a great chance of forging brand allegiance and an almost ritual following. Emotional brand names allow for a deep and unrestrained image that is appealing to many.

The importance of reaching your target audience

Regardless of which type of name you opt for, be it trendy; sophisticated; creative or emotional – your brand needs to reach and connect with your target audience.

It is important to think about who the target audience is.

A number of considerations should be made: including gender, demographics, target age, and other consumer related traits.

Understanding your target audience will be an important first step in eventually choosing a business name.

Clothing brand names

DomainQuick currently has a number of clothing and beauty related domain names to offer. We take a quick look at some of the options currently available on the site: is a highly brandable name with a sophisticated feel that also evokes a sense of fun. Perfect for a fashion or beauty related brand, it could be the perfect choice for a retail outlet or fashion boutique. The name is both keyword specific and industry-relevant.. is a high value domain name perfect for those operating within the retail and eCommerce fields. It is both memorable and highly brandable, making it a perfect industry fit. Great for those looking to market the idea of a first look retail experience. is a play on words that will appeal to companies operating in the branding or marketing space, or possibly a fashion brand. Short and memorable, it will work well with a variety of marketing materials. As a brandable name, it is distinctive, setting it apart from the competition. is a highly brandable name with a sophisticated feel. Perfect for a fashion or beauty related brand, it could be the perfect choice for a retail outlet, fashion boutique, or modelling agency. The name is both keyword specific and industry-relevant.

Summing Up

In this post, we put fashion squarely in focus, and looked at fashion and clothing brand names.

Regardless of whether you are planning to be a fashion designer, start your own fashion apparel line, or open a boutique fashion website – you deserve a creative and sophisticated name that will help super speed your new business venture.

We looked at the different types of fashion and clothing brand names and listed several names currently available here at DomainQuick. We hope you found this guide useful and wish you every success with your future venture!

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